Blerta Blakaj, BA MA

Visiting Scholar (pre-doc)


Kolingasse 14-16
1090 Wien



Blerta Blakaj is a PhD student at the Department of Communication, supervised by Prof. Hajo G. Boomgaarden. In her dissertation, Blerta focuses on media effects on emigration aspirations in transitional societies. Her methods focus lies on content analysis, experience sampling, and panel surveys.

Previously, she completed her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Prishtina (Kosova), where she also works as a University Assistant at the Department of Journalism. Her master's thesis focused on journalism and political discourse. She also worked as an editor-in-chief for eight years in the digital newsroom of a major TV station in Kosova and is also a licensed trainer for media literacy for school teachers.

Research Areas: media effects, migration aspirations, content analysis, experience sampling method, panel survey