Links & Resources

The research field of Computational Communication Science is flourishing! We here share links and resources for Computational Communication Scientists and those to become. 


Staying up to date (jobs, news, call for papers)


Introductory Literature

  • Van Atteveld, W., Trilling, D. & Arcila, C. (2021). Computational Analysis of Communication: A practical introduction to the analysis of texts, networks, and images with code examples in Python and R.
  • Theocharis, Y. & Jungherr, A. (2020). Computational Social Science and the Study of Political Communication. Political Communication, online first. doi:
  • Hilbert, M. Barnett, G., Blumenstock, J., Contractor, N., Diesner, J., Frey, S., González-Bailón, S., Lamberson, P.J., Pan, J., Peng, T.-Q., Shen, C., Smaldino, P. E., van Atteveldt, W., Waldherr, A., Zhang, J., Zhu, J.J.H. (2019). Computational Communication Science: A Methodological Catalyzer for a Maturing Discipline. International Journal of Communication, 13, 3912-3934. 
  • van Atteveldt, W., & Peng, T. Q. (2018). When communication meets computation: Opportunities, challenges, and pitfalls in computational communication science. Communication Methods and Measures, 12(2-3), 81-92. 

  • Boumans, J. W. & Trilling, D. (2016). Taking Stock of the Toolkit. Digital Journalism, 4(1), 8-23, doi:
  • Grimmer, J., & Stewart, B. (2013). Text as Data: The Promise and Pitfalls of Automatic Content Analysis Methods for Political Texts. Political Analysis, 21(3), 267-297,


Online Courses, Tutorials, and Resources


Summer Schools, Workshops

  • BIGSSS Summer Schools in Computational Social Science 

  • BEHAVE-ESSA Summer School on Agent-Based Modelling for Social Scientists
  • SICSS Summer Institute in Computational Social Science
  • ESS Essex Summer School 

  • ECPR Summer School 



  • Methods divisions at social science conferences like ICA or EPSA
  • COMPTEXT Interdisciplinary Conference on the Quantitative and Computational Analysis of Textual Data

  • IC2S2 International Conference on Computational Social Science 

  • COMPLEX NETWORKS International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications

  • ICSIIS International Conference on Social Informatics and Information Society 

  • Annual Conference on New Directions in Analyzing Text as Data