The Computational Communication Science Lab (CCL) is an interdisciplinary research network at the Department of Communication of the University of Vienna.  We aim to advance our understanding of various antecedents, processes, and consequences of mediated/unmediated communication behaviors on human attitudes, cognitions, and behaviors using computational approaches in a social science framework. In particular, we seek to advance various fields of communication science such as journalism and political communication through the use of computerized tools and algorithms for collecting, processing, analyzing, and visualizing large-scaled, complex data.

The goal of CCL is to facilitate the development and application of computational methods through excellence in empirical research and advancement of novel theoretical and methodological perspectives. The research focus of our group includes areas such as (but are not limited to) computer-assisted content analysis, semi/fully automated textual data processing, topic modeling, information visualization, inferential network analysis, and computational modeling of communication behaviors.

APA-UNIVIE Data Project: Members of the University of Vienna now have the possibility to obtain data for scientific use from the media archive of the Austria Press Agency (APA), directly via an Application Programming Interface (API). CCL acts as an intermediary contact point between members of the University of Vienna and the APA. Get in touch if you have any questions on the API and check out our dedicated webpage with information of the application procedure.




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Hyunjin Song has joined the editorial board of CMM!


Im Rahmen des interdisziplinären Forschungsprojektes 'Books on Screen. The consequences of digital fiction reading’ wird eine ‚Prae Doc‘ Stelle (30...


Hajo Boomgaarden’s proposal to the Anniversary Fund of the Austrian National Bank was accepted in December 2018.


CCL had their very first Bob-Ross-Winter-Palooza.


Hajo G. Boomgaarden has joined the editorial board of JoB&EM!


Fabienne Lind, Maria Gruber and Hajo Boomgaarden received the CMM Article of the Year Award!

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