"How to explore global issues" with Fabienne Lind


We're thrilled to share that our colleague, Fabienne Lind, was recently featured on the CCS_pod – a podcast about computational communication science created by Emese Domahidi and Mario Haim discussing the focus on English in many areas of CCS, the problems that arise, and what solutions might be possible. In her interview, she highlighted the vital role played by country and language experts in computational communication science.

Collaboration with domain experts is essential for developing technology that can be used by diverse communities worldwide. It ensures that the unique perspectives of different cultures and languages are incorporated into the development process, thus reducing the risk of harmful biases and exclusions. By working together with specialists in various fields, computational communication scientists can gain a better understanding of the complex social and cultural dynamics at play in different languages.


In addition to collaboration, Fabienne also stressed the relevance of allocating resources and building infrastructures that support large-scale projects, making comparative research possible. Large-scale projects enable researchers to study social scientific phenomena across different countries and cultures, and thus broaden our knowledge.


The episode "How to explore global issues" is available here