CCL Thesis Defense!


We want to congratulate our lab member Alina! She has successfully defended her thesis.

On May 15, 2023, Alina Nikolaou showcased her remarkable research in her dissertation titled "How good is 'VR for Good'? Examining Virtual Reality as a Medium for Social Attitude and Behavior Change." Her thought-provoking work explored the potential of Virtual Reality (VR) as a transformative tool in shaping social attitudes and behaviors.

Alina's exceptional performance and dissertation impressed the members of her dissertation committee, including Tilo Hartmann, and Gerit Götzenbrucker, as well as her supervisors Sophie Lecheler and Hajo G. Boomgaarden. Their recognition of her outstanding contribution highlights the quality of her work and the significance of her findings.

One noteworthy outcome of her research has been a meta-analysis, which can be accessed here.

We congratulate Alina Nikolaou on her successful defense and commend her for her outstanding achievements in this groundbreaking field of study.