The CCL welcomes visiting scholars Sophia Charlotte Volk and Valerie Hase!


The Computational Communication Lab (CCL) at the University of Vienna is thrilled to announce the upcoming arrival of two visiting scholars, Dr. Valerie Hase and Dr. Sophia Charlotte Volk. From July 10 to 14, our team will have the privilege of hosting these accomplished researchers for a short but impactful research visit. Both Valerie and Sophia bring a wealth of expertise and a passion for advancing the field of computational communication.

Dr. Valerie Hase is a postdoctoral scholar and research associate at the division for Computational Communication Research, LMU Munich. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Zurich in 2022, with a dissertation on Employing Computational Social Science to Analyze Coverage of Political Violence. Her research focuses on computational methods, especially automated content analysis and digital trace data, digital journalism, and crisis communication.

Sophia Charlotte Volk, Ph.D., is a senior research and teaching associate at the Division of Science Communication at the University of Zurich. She received her Ph.D. from Leipzig University (Germany) with a dissertation on Comparative Communication Research, in which she examined the methodological and social challenges of conducting comparative studies in international teams. Her research interests include strategic communication, science communication, evaluation and impact measurement, digital media environments, international comparisons, and team science.

Professional Pictures of Sophia Volk and Valerie Hase, both stand in front of a green and blue blurry background and smile at the camera