Pre-Election: CCL Facebook-Reactions Analysis #NRW17


Download the report to find out how users react to candidate's Facebook postings.

In recent days, two anonymous Facebook pages have gotten a lot of media attention. While these gloomy pages are probably at the heart of the dirtiest Austrian election campaign yet, they have a quite limited reach compared to parties’ main candidates’ pages. There, candidates get in contact with their supporters, and present themselves as well as the policy issues that are most important to them.

Since February 24th 2016, Facebook users can react to postings with emoji-like icons resembling emotions. As parties’ social media communication as well as electoral campaigns, may be tailored to trigger specific emotions in their supporters (e.g., to mobilize voters), we wanted to take a closer look at how users reacted to candidates Facebook postings.

In this preliminary report, you will find out about a candidate who mobilizes his supporters through anger. You will read about candidates full of laughter. And of course, we will tell you which candidates spread most warmth and thus get many “Love”-reactions on Facebook.

Enjoy reading our report on Facebook reactions to candidates’ Facebook pages!

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