CCL at #ICA19 in Washington DC


We have presented our newest research at ICA Preconferences and in the ICA divisions of Computational Methods, Political Communication, Journalism Studies, Environmental Communication, Visual Communication, Ethnicity and Race in Communication as well as Communication and Technology.

The Computational Communication Science-Lab was represented at International Communication Association's 69th Annual Conference in Washington DC with a total of fourteen papers/talks/posters.
Among other things, Hajo Boomgaarden and Fabienne Lind gave an inspirational introduction to young and aspiring researchers at the computational division's preconference on "Expanding Computational Communication". It was a total success!
Furthermore, we are proud to announce that Phoebe Maares, Fabienne Lind and Esther Greussing were awarded a "Top Student Paper Award" in the Jounalism Division for their study of homophily of professional reputation and gender in journalistic networks on Twitter.

We want to thank the organizers of #ICA19 for a well picked location and perfectly planned conference. We also thank the numerous anonymous reviewers who supported #ICA19 and ensured the quality of the papers presented.
Finally, we are already looking forward to #ICA20!

Overview of papers presented for #ICA19:


Eberl, Jakob-Moritz; Meltzer, Christine; Theorin, Nora; Heidenreich, Tobias; Lind, Fabienne; Boomgaarden, Hajo G.; Schemer, Christian; Strömbäck, Jesper “Media Framing Effects on Policy Preferences towards Free Movement: A Comparative Approach”. Division: Political Communication.


Eberl, Jakob-Moritz; Tolochko, Petro; Heidenreich, Tobias; Jost, Pablo; Boomgaarden, Hajo G. “What’s in a Post? How Sentiment and Issue Salience Affect Users’ Emotional Reactions on Facebook”. Division: Political Communication.


Egelhofer, Jana; Eberl, Jakob-Moritz; Aaldering, Loes; Galyga, Sebastian “News about Fake News: How Austrian News Papers Discuss “Fake News”over Time” Division: Journalism Studies.


Greussing, EstherLooking, clicking, learning? How interactive information visualizations in online news contribute to individuals’ factual and structural knowledge 10th Annual Doctoral Consortium of the Communication and Technology Division and the Mobile Communication Interest Group.

Greussing, Esther. “All flash and no substance? Examining modality effects of climate change imagery on knowledge acquisition and perceived message credibility”. Division: Environmental Communication.

Greussing, Esther; Boomgaarden, Hajo G. “More than a thousand words? How affective and cognitive functions of interactive infographics contribute to learning from news”. Division: Visual Communication.


Heidenreich, Tobias; Eberl, Jakob-Moritz; Lind, Fabienne; Boomgaarden, Hajo G. “Political Migration Discourses on Social Media: A Comparative Perspective on Visibility and Sentiment across Facebook Accounts of Politicians in Six European Countries”. Division: Political Communication.


Kluknavská, Alena; Bernhard, Jana; Boomgaarden, Hajo G. “Claiming the Crisis: Mediated Public Debates about the Refugee Crisis in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia”. Poster Session, Division: Ethnicity and Race in Communication.


Lee-Won, Roselyn; White, Tiffany N.; Song, Hyunjin.; Lee, Jee Young.; Smith, Mikhail. “Source Magnification of Cyberhate: Affective and Cognitive Effects of Multiple-Source Hate Messages on Target Group Members.” Division: Communication and Technology.


Lind, Fabienne; Boomgaarden, Hajo G.; “Becoming a Computational Communication Scholar”. Pre-Conference: Expanding Computational Communication:

Towards a Pipeline for Graduate Students and Early Career Scholars.


Lind, Fabienne; Meltzer, Christine E. “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Applying Automated Content Analysis to Track Female Migrants’ Salience in German News”. Division: Journalism Studies.


Maares, Phoebe; Greussing, Esther; Lind, Fabienne “Showing Off Your Social Capital: Homophily of Professional Reputation and Gender in Journalistic Networks on Twitter”. Division: Journalism Studies.


Song, Hyunjin; Tolochko, Petro; Eberl, Jakob-Moritz; Lind, Fabienne; Heidenreich, Tobias; Eisele, Olga; Greussing, Esther; Boomgaarden, Hajo G. “In validation we trust? Imperfect Gold Standards and the Validation of Automated Content Analysis”. Division: Computational Methods.


Song, Hyunjin, Gil de Zúñiga, Homero, Boomgaarden, Hajo G. “A Differential Pathway to Political Cynicism? Antecedents and Consequences of “News Finds Me” Perception.” Division: Political Communication.