CCL at #ICA17 in San Diego


We will present our newest research at the ICA divisions of Computational Methods, Political Communication as well as Ethnicity and Race in Communication.

The Computational Communication Science-Lab will be represented at International Communication Association's 67th Annual Conference in San Diego, CA with a total of five papers.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce Jakob-Moritz Eberl will be awarded the "Top Student Paper Award" in the Political Communication Division for the fourth and final paper of his doctoral thesis.


Overview of papers prepared for #ICA17:

Boomgaarden, H.G., Song, H. & Tolochko, P. "News Coverage and Party Preferences in Longitudinal Perspective."

Eberl, J.-M. "Lying Press: Three Levels of Perceived Media Bias and their Relationship to Political Attitudes."

Greussing, E. & Boomgaarden, H.G. "Shifting the Refugee Narrative? An Automated Frame Analysis of Europe's 2015 Refugee Crisis."

Greussing, E., Eberl, J.-M. & Tolochko, P. "Who Drives the Debate? Applying Document Similarity Measures in Political Agenda Setting and News Diffusion Research."

Song, H. & Boomgaarden, H.G. "Dynamic Spirals Put to Test: An Agent-Based Model of Reinforcing Spirals between Selective Exposure, Interpersonal Networks, and Attitude Polarization."