The Silent Influencer / Science meets Art


Lab member Esther Greussing presented an artistic interpretation of her PhD thesis.

The project by lab member Esther Greussing and artist Romana Egartner focuses on the question of how text, images, videos and interactive graphics as basic components of digital news influence users' acquisition of knowledge, and subsequently the quality of their political and social participation.

In the installation, this interrelationship is explored on two permanently superimposed levels: on a "real level" (visible under normal light) and on a "latent level" (visible under UV light). While the real level represents the everyday world, the latent level refers to the researcher's abstraction process: the transformation of everyday perception into a theoretical model that allows for more general statements about the relationship between user interface, individual and society.

The installation can be visited until May 3 at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.