The CCL welcomes Research Fellow Mar Castillo!


Mar Castillo-Campos will be visiting the Department of Communication Science from October 2023 to January 2024 as a research fellow. She comes to work with Hajo Boomgaarden to advance her research on the automatic detection of bias and tendentiousness in news.

Mar is a PhD student at Loyola Andalucía University in Seville. She uses quantitative methods to perform discourse analysis, using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence tools. Her aim is to compare large corpora of news items and detect which news items provide complementary or contrary information on a given topic. Thus, the reader could have more insight into what they are reading and also be aware of the reality bias we know.

Collaborative interests:

  • Sharing experiences on the use of automated tools to detect voices or bias in the news.
  • Having theoretical discussions about media bias and AI bias. Especially now that the use of these tools is becoming more widespread, she considers it important to talk about the training and learning mechanisms of the tools, the risks of their unconscious use in the journalistic field or among information professionals, or induced bias, among other related topics.

You can contact Mar via e-mail at

Picture of Mar Castillo Campos where she is standing in front of a banner of LOYOLA University in a red top.