New Publication: Zooming in on Topics


Svenja Schäfer, Dominika Betakova, and Sophie Lecheler published their new paper "Zooming in on Topics: An Investigation of the Prevalence and Motives for Selective News Avoidance" in Journalism Studies.

In a recent study published in Journalism Studies, Svenja Schäfter, Dominika Betakova and Sopie Lecheler, explored why people intentionally avoid certain news topics. Surveying 1071 participants, they found pandemic, political, and soft news as commonly avoided subjects. A systematic quantitative content analysis revealed that the most commonly avoided news topics were related to the pandemic, political issues, and soft news. Motivations for this avoidance varied: issue fatigue drove COVID-19 news avoidance, while anger and distrust fueled avoidance of political news. Lack of interest and overload were reasons for shunning soft news. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for tailoring media content and engaging diverse audiences effectively. This study marks a significant step in unraveling the complexities of selective news avoidance and its societal implications.

Find the full study here: Zooming in on Topics