CCL goes Munich!


What a wonderful workshop and first meeting - Thank you for the invitation, Team CCS Munich, and especially Prof. Mario Haim! We had so many interesting discussions on Quality Criteria in and on CCS and are looking forward to exciting future collaborations between Munich and Vienna.

CCL goes Munich!  


On the first day, Jana Bernhard told a short story about topic modeling, and whether it matters which validation methods we chose (it does!). We discussed what this means for substantive computational communication research which led to thought-provoking insights and questions. 


After that Team, CSS Munich gave an overview of which quality criteria are vital to computational communication science and a novel classification. Plus, we got insights and a very handy checklist on what this means for developing research software and code. 


On the second day, Marvin Stecker introduced some up-to-date information on CSS tools from METEOR, a community-driven free platform with a wide variety of news sources and text analysis tools. The teams then discussed the use of text analysis tools in research more generally, as well as their reporting. 


The workshop wrapped up with a talk about an agenda (or a roadmap) for CSS Quality Criteria from Team Munich, and our final discussion warranted exciting, possible collaborations.