Webinar: The Role of Information Provision in Migration Governance


CCL Member Verena K. Brändle Hosts Webinar on Governments' Digital Migration Campaigns on 23 February, 3pm. You're Invited!

CCL Senior Research Fellow Verena K. Brändle will host a webinar on Wednesday, 23 February 2022, 3pm, discussing first results of her project 'Informing to Dissuade? - Governments' Digital Information Campaigns for Migrants as Bordering Practices'.


Topic: Governments' Digital Information Campaigns

Information campaigns by government actors for (potential) migrants before their arrival have become increasingly common initiatives in the last years. The effectiveness of such governmental information provision to prevent irregular migration is currently debated.

The webinar focuses on information campaigns beyond the question of effectiveness. Critically assessing their contents and role within current migration governance approaches, we discuss the communicative and affective implications of risk-focused messages in such campaigns, consider the ethical questions they potentially raise, and ask how prevention and dissuasion strategies fit into current (European) border regimes.

Further Information

The webinar will be live-streamed on YouTube and also feature other established researchers in the field. Further information can be obtained here.

Verena K. Brändle is CCL Senior Research Fellow currently based at the Migration Policy Centre of the European Union Institute in Florence. Her project is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark and critically assesses EU governments’ attempts to inform and influence migrants’ decision-making through online and social media.