CCL Welcomes Research Fellow Cristina Monzer!


Cristina is visiting our lab and department in June as a research fellow. She will work together with Annie Waldherr to further advance her dissertation "Cultural resonance in framing processes: Analyzing political discourse, media communication and audience responses to Covid-19 related debates in comparative perspective".

Cristina Monzer is a PhD candidate in Political Communication at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Her PhD work is about how political and media messages resonate with audiences. She is interested in cultural resonance in framing processes, values, moral emotions, and moral issues. Methodologically, she is looking for computational ways to measure values, moral emotions, and morality in social media texts.

Contact Cristina through e-mail: or Twitter: @CristinaMonzer.  

Collaboration interests: How political and media actors use values and moral emotions to moralize discourse on political issues; compare computational approaches for measuring values and moralization (e.g., moral foundations dictionary, LIWC values dictionary, supervised ML based on essay training data).

More broadly, she's interested in the application of cultural or emotional resonance to diverse areas of research: political participation and engagement on social media, polarization, and citizens navigating a high-choice political information environment. 

Take a look at Cristina's publications:

  • Bil-Jaruzelska, A. & Monzer, C. (2022). All about feelings? Emotional appeals as drivers of user engagement with Facebook posts. Politics and Governance, 10(1), 172-184.
  • Monzer, C. et al. (2020). User perspectives on the news personalisation process: Agency, trust and utility as building blocks. Digital Journalism, 8(9), 1142-1162.

We wish Cristina good luck with advancing her dissertation and an inspiring and pleasant stay in Vienna!