CCL at #ICA18 in Prague


We have presented our newest research at ICA Preconferences and in the ICA divisions of Computational Methods, Political Communication, Mass Communication as well as Communication and Technology.

The Computational Communication Science-Lab was represented at International Communication Association's 68th Annual Conference in Prague with a total of eight papers.
Hajo Boomgaarden co-organized the official ICA preconference on “Refugees, Religious Threats and Political Radicalization.” It was a total success!
Furthermore, we are proud to announce that Fabienne Lind was awarded the "Top 2 Student Paper" in the Mass Communication Division for her meta-analysis on the knowledge gap hypothesis.
We want to thank the organizers of #ICA18 for a well picked location and perfectly planned conference. We also thank the numerous anonymous reviewers who supported #ICA18 and ensured the quality of the papers presented.
Finally, we are already looking forward to #ICA19 in Washington D.C.!

Overview of papers presented for #ICA18:

Boomgaarden, H.; Lind Fabienne; Gruber, M. „Content Analysis by the Crowd: Assessing the Usability of Crowdsourcing for Coding Latent Constructs.“

Eberl, J.-M. & Plescia, C. “News Bonus? How Saliency and Tone in the News Coverage Influence Voters’ Electoral Expectations About Coalitions.”

Greussing, E. “Simply Bells and Whistles? Cognitive Effects of Visual Aesthetics in Digital Longforms”

Lind, F. “What We Do and Don’t Know: A Meta-Analysis about the Knowledge Gap Hypothesis.”

Lind, F.; Heidenreich, T.; Eberl, J.-M.; Herrero, Beatriz; Berganza, R. & Boomgaarden, H. „Multilingual Dictionary Construction: Comparing Different Approaches for the Measurement of Migration Frames“

Meltzer, C.; Boomgaarden, H.; Eberl, J.-M.; Heidenreich, T.; Lind, F.; Schemer, C.; Strömbäck, J.; Theorin, N. „The Influence of Media Use on Attitudes Towards Immigration in the European Union. A Comparative Analysis in Seven Countries.”

Song, H. “An Agent-Based Modeling Perspective of Understanding the Dynamic Spread of Misinformation and Its Correction on Social Networks.”

Song, H. & Cho, J. “The Dynamics of Message Exposure Online in Political Discussion Forums: Self-Segregation or Diverse Exposure?”